Scavi di Megara Hyblaea

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Scavi di Megara Hyblaea
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William P
Bolton, UK77 contributions
Megara Hyblaea Visit April 2018
2018. ápr. • Romantikus
Don’t bother. Site is badly signed, down unmade road at the end. You have a €4.00 charge, no signs, no information, just a site with low walls. The setting, in between two oil refineries, is a complete waste of time. Should be taken out of every tourist guide. You have been warned !
Written 2018. május 6.
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Perugia, Olaszország448 contributions
A waste of time,but what a shame
2017. szept. • Baráti
I insisted on driving out to visit this archeological site even though our friends from Augusta tried to discourage me. They had gone once as schoolchildren and it hadn't left a good impression. There wasn't any control at all and nothing to offer but a wasteland of weeds and stones. At that point why not use the land for construction of something useful?
Written 2018. január 13.
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Benoit V
Hasselt, Belgium24 contributions
Alle radici del male...
2017. nov. • Családi
I subscribe to everything the few reviewers have written about it. This site holds so much potential... the trained classic scholar, the ruins, the blue sky, the poor signage (obviously) makes your mind think about what a bustling succession of cities this must have been... the paying customer, the experience sums up everyhting about a failing state (and I'm from Belgium, which has been accused of being a failed state too), it's a real shame and the custodians are not to blame. I very much recommend the lecture of Roberto Costantini's trilogy about evil in an attempt to understand why some of the most beautiful archeological sites in Southern Italy are in fact... ruins.
Written 2017. november 7.
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Rod F
Royal Wootton Bassett, UK2 057 contributions
This would be exceptional if only it was not neglected.
2016. szept. • Romantikus
This site is difficult to find - we only found it because I had copied the local map from Google earth. Signage gets worse the nearer you get to the site. The site has so much to offer. So much has been done to make the site accessible to visitirs, particularly good stairs and viewing areas, and plenty of signage. But the site is badly overgrown with weeds, and even worse, saplings, and the signage, in Italian and English, has been all but destroyed by strong sunlight. What a mess. Of the remains themselves, one of the earliest agoras in Sicily, the earliest, and best preserved, Hellenic bath complex so far recovered anywhere, and since it never recovered from its destruction in 483 bce, it is a wholly Hellenic city. Wake up Sicilian authorities and sort this site out!
Written 2017. május 12.
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Martin W
London, England, United Kingdom2 contributions
Recommended, but visit the Archaeological Museum first
2017. febr. • Romantikus
There are many reasons to visit Sicily, one of which can be described not so much "archaeology" and "history" as a "potted history of the western world". That's where Megara Hyblaea comes in. If you've come to Sicily just for the food or weather, then it might not be on your agenda. But if you've come to explore the past, then you really shouldn't miss Megara Hyblaea. Maybe I just have an active imagination, but I could literally feel the history coming alive here. It is true that the site has been somewhat neglected, but I found that helped create an atmosphere in which at times I almost felt if I could hear and sense the lives people lived two thousand years ago. And at the end of the day, that is what this place is all about, understanding the past. One point I will make however. I would recommend you visit the Archaeological Museum in Syracusa first, it will help you get the most out of your visit. As for the mud and mosquitoes mentioned by a previous reviewer, we visited in February and there was no sign of either.
Written 2017. március 12.
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Lincoln, UK26 contributions
Not the best
2016. okt. • Romantikus
Lonely planet says this site is well worth a visit if you can find it - yes, finding it is hard! (only possible with your own car). As the previous reviewer says, it is an exceptional site but probably not worth a visit to the casual tourist (4€ is a bit steep!)..When we visited, we were the only people there and it is a lovely place just to walk around. However, almost none of the information boards are legible due to sun-bleaching and there is no other information available - if you visit, look up info before you go. I also agree about the mosquitos - even at the end of October. Probably the most interesting thing is Megara Hyblaea's situation - in the middle of a vast petro-chemical industrial sprawl - one to ponder!
Written 2016. november 1.
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Andrea B
Trieszt, Olaszország77 contributions
Culture in the mud
2015. okt. • Romantikus
Do NOT visit this exceptional archeological site. Sure, it displays one of the earliest known agoras, among other things, but it is practically invisible, since the whole site is left totally neglected. Acess to the site is through a muddy path, the ruins are hidden by grass high to one's knees, mosquitoes are the only guides, as the existing explanatory panels are made unreadable by age. If you decide to go anyway, do not forget to pay the entrance ticket; go to the small house to the left before getting to the site, with a panel that reads "Biglietteria". You will be welcomed by the custodian's dogs - do not worry, they are less aggressive than the mosquitoes. Be kind with the custodians... they are nice people, themseleves ashamed of the complete state of wilderness in which the Italian Ministry for culture has destined this site to regress.
Written 2015. november 3.
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.
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