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177 reviews
Very good

Sheffield, UK58 contributions
A great way to see St Petersburg and the Baltic states
2019. okt.
We have just come back from a Stockholm-Helsinki-St Ptersburg-Tallinn-Stockholm trip on Princess Anastasia organised via East-West Tours and would recommend it highly. The ship is not the newest but it's well-maintained, the staff were efficient and helpful, and the food was varied and good, We chose a De-Luxe cabin (not really a fair description but it was quite comfortable and reasonably well-equipped) in order to benefit from the priority disembarkation and embarkation, which was well worthwhile. The 2 nights in St Petersburg (which was fabulous and where we were part of a group of 5) were spent at the 5 star Solo Sokos Palace Bridge hotel which was very good, but what was really special was the quality of our guide Maria Ganina. She has excellent English, is very knowledgeable about all the key sights and about Russia generally, very open to any kinds of discussion and has a really nice touch. The driver Alexander was also very good.
Written 2019. október 30.
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Toronto, Kanada182 contributions
Not that bad
2019. aug.
This is a long review but I wanted it to be helpful and detailed for those people put off from visiting this beautiful city visa free, as that would be a shame. Minimize your expectations of the ferry and chat and smile to the staff and you will be fine. We found everyone in Russia quite stern faced until you tried to make conversation or even just smiled first, and then without exception - every single person was lovely.

We really wanted to visit St Petersburg but didn't want to go through the laborious visa process. We were resigned that this ferry journey was going to be terrible but a necessary evil to get to our destination. I had read soooo many awful reviews and researched this crossing from many blogs/sites. The main takeaway was to book an upgraded cabin - a suite, a deluxe room or the Commodore room - the cost was not too much more. We choose the Commodore as it had a double bed, it also came with a shower, small bathroom, large window, mini bar, small table and a chair, and tv - which was all in Russian, so we watched the music channel. You also get passes for a decent breakfast with sparkling wine in The New York Restaurant.

To be honest we were quite pleasantly surprised.

The main benefit of booking one of these cabins are that you get PRIORITY embarkation and disembarkation.....which is totally worth the extra cost for the upgrade.

We arrived at the very busy ferry terminal check in in Helsinki, found the priority check in booth and waited in line for about 15 minutes. The check in lady explained where we had to go and that the room card/key was also our boarding card and it was important bot to loose it, and that we should find the information desk on board about 30 mins after the boat set sail to be given instructions about where to meet for priority disembarkation and a coloured lapel sticker - this was your proof you were entitled to priority disembarkation.
We walked to the large ferry, had to climb steep stairs to get on board and then put our bags through the xray machine. It says no food or alcohol on board and no electrical items. We had a travel kettle and a bottle of wine and sushi and cheese and biscuits - nothing was taken off us, although we did see a few travel irons labelled with passenger names, kept to one side to be returned when we had arrived in Russia.

We found our cabin - small, functional, clean - quite cosy really. We left our bags inside, and headed to the outdoor bar at the back of the boat to view Helsinki as we set sail away from it. The sun was shining, the gin and tonic's were cold and there are snacks - crisps/ hot dogs, ice cream etc. The bar kiosk staff were very jolly. We sat at a table and had an hour long conversation (via google translate) with a Russian couple - really cool. We don't smoke and the cigarette smoke coming from some people was annoying but in Europe smoking outside is mainly allowed, so what can you do - it's a cultural thing.
When we were in open water, we climbed to the top viewing deck before heading to the info desk, picking up our stickers and info about where to meet the next morning, and at what time, and then went to our cabin to eat, shower and sleep. Bed was comfy. The bathroom smelt a bit of glue so we kept the door closed all night, and it didn't smell by the morning.

We didn't, but there are things to pass the time while on the ferry - a cinema, casino, pub, club, kids area, duty free shop, etc etc
Awoke to being very near to land, panicked a bit as we thought we would be late and miss our priority disembarkation, so showered fast and ran to the info desk - they laughed as they explained that we would be travelling along a river near to land to St Petes for a couple of hours, it didn't mean we had arrived earlier than expected!
We then had a good breakfast with our free passes for The New York Restaurant and packed up our belongings, left the cabin and met at the meeting place.
We waited for about 10 minutes before a guide ushered us down the stairs - a bit chaotic with luggage as all the priority people were pushing each other to be first off. Don't even try to use the lift/elevator - it will slow you down.
We had to show our boarding card/room key to get off the boat, this time we were helped down the same steep stairs by a young sailor carrying our luggage. We then entered the ferry terminal and then speedily walked to immigration/passport control. We have EU passports and were through and out the other side in about 10 mins.

We had booked a 2/3 hour tour of St Petersburg which was great although we had to wait about 40 mins until all the priority people had got off the boat and through immigration. The tour was excellent and the female guide very informative, her English was very good.

Our hotel was the excellent 'Angleterre hotel' - we originally had booked a hotel NOT through Moby but then the hotel backed out and said we needed some papers which we didn't have ( a travel itinerary), this made us nervous, so we just booked through Moby and I don't think the 'add on' cost was alot for doing this, it was certainly worth the piece of mind - the last thing we wanted was to arrive and not be let to stay. St Petes is fabulous! Everything went smoothly checking int the hotel.

The return ferry journey was the same although the queue for the xray machine was as you enter the ferry terminal, not inside it - there didn't seem to be any priority line although some people did push into the front of the long queue and seemed to get away with it - so maybe you can jump the line with the upgraded rooms? We just accepted the wait and talked to fellow passengers in line, and it moved reasonably quickly. once inside the terminal, you are then in another line to get through immigration/passport control - this line did take a while, but again - it is what it is.

The journey from St Petes to Tallin was the same experience as the outward journey from Helsinki to Tallin - even the same staff. apart fom this time we ate dinner at the Italian restaurant which wasn't worth it - mediocre pizza and not worth the money. We arrived in Tallin, met at the priority meeting place again with our green sticker and jostled to get off as fast as we could. Again getting through immigration in about 10 mins from getting off the boat. There was nobody to help carry luggage down the steps this time. We were in a taxi heading to our hotel 15 minutes after leaving the ferry.

We had met some passengers with horror stories about it taking 4 hours to get of the boat, being in a scrum all the way down the stairs and through the boat, everyone pushing and nobody able to get the crowd of passengers to disembark in an orderly fashion. This also means that the queues through passport control/immigration are huge so the wait is very long.

Honestly, if you can afford the little bit extra - pay for the upgraded rooms - it is soooo worth it.
Written 2019. október 28.
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Franca G
Toronto, Kanada14 contributions
Not that bad. Take these steps to avoid frustration.
2019. szept.
We traveled from Helsinki to St. Petersburg in Sept 2019 to take advantage of the 72 hr visa free visit. We read so many terrible reviews beforehand and wanted to make sure our trip was as good as it could be, while keeping expectations low.

To avoid lines and frustration, we checked into the Anastasia at the Helsinki Port well in advance of the ferry taking off (around 11 or noon). Afterwards, we locked our bags in a locker at the Port and took the tram back into the city to enjoy our last day in Helsinki worry- and baggage-free. Then we boarded at the regular time with our tickets already in hand without any hassle.

Since most of the negative reviews are about how terribly long the waits are for Russian Customs, we booked an upgraded room called "Commodore" room, which gives you priority disembarkation. The extra money on the room upgrade saved us at least an hour waiting at Russian customs, more during busy summer season. The only thing is, they aren't really clear where you need to go to get priority disembarkation. So we went to the information desk when we got on the ship, and found out that you have to wait where the information desk is (I think it's deck 6) at the arrival time in the morning. Then they take you out before everyone else gets off. I would highly recommend that you do this if you can afford the upgrade. Just saves so much hassle. The people waiting to get off that were not priority were literally standing all over the place, it's very unorganized.

The people working on the ship were fine, some friendly, some not so much. But the reviews saying that they don't really give you any guidance about where to go, where everything is, are true. Just get on, go to our room, and go to the information desk and ask questions. Explore the ship - there are 8 decks you can roam on. Find the restaurants, get a drink, go to the top deck outside and watch the sun set, go to the duty free and try on a bunch of sunglasses.

Things to note:
- Its a ferry, not a cruise ship. It's dated. Expect rocking. If this bothers you, bring gravol. That's what we did.
- The amenities aren't great, but there are several food options. Pizza, pasta, buffet, etc. On our way to STP we brought our own food. There's a rule that says you cant, but we had no trouble with this at all. We brought snacks, sandwiches and water, so we didn't need to buy anything on board.
- Breakfast is included with the Commodore upgrade.
- Breakfast is a buffet with bagels, croissants, fruits, eggs, etc. It's not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.
- The beds are not comfortable. Period.
- The bathrooms are OK, but the shower is small.
- The commodore room comes with fruits and in the mini fridge there is beer (1 or 2), water bottles, and soft drinks. These are included with the upgrade.
- If you're claustrophobic and need windows, you might have no choice but to upgrade. I think some (or maybe all) regular rooms are inner rooms with no windows.

Things to do on board:
- There is a casino, duty free shopping, restaurants, bars, a movie theatre (i think it's $5 per person).
- There is also a pool in one of the lower decks. We went to visit, it's dark and kind of dingy. There were maybe 3 people swimming. You can really feel the rocking down there.

When you arrive in STP, go outside the Port and find the white vans. There is a sign that says MOBY SPL. In STP there are 2 or 3 drop off points. We got off at the last one around the corner from St. Isaac's. Take note of where it dropped you off because that's where you need to go to get a ride back to the ferry.

In conclusion:
- Go with low expectations - it can only get better from there
- Yes the ship is dated
- Bring your own food and water
- Bring cards, or download some shows to watch on your phone or tablet
- Bring gravol
- Don't lose the papers the Russian Customs people give you, you have to give those back when you go back to Helsinki
- Enjoy St. Petersburg!
Written 2019. október 26.
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

San Francisco, Kalifornia7 377 contributions
Research, Plan, Board
2019. júl.
It’s been decades since I boarded a cruise ship. I forgot how the mace like decks can really make you feel claustrophobic. But this was not a cruise ship, a smaller ferry. Cabins were so tiny, double decked and whoever is going on the top bunk must be flexible with no knee or back problems. Reserve your meals in advance would be my best advice. Bring lots of water too. There are no drinking fountain anywhere and all bottled water are purchased at the store and they do not have the large bottles. If you want tour to St. P, you also need to arrange that in advance. IOW, plan ahead on everything. This ferry holds about 2300+ passengers. Of course they have shopping on board, duty free, purses, brand name clothing, alcohol and need I write more?
Written 2019. augusztus 19.
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

James I
Melbourne, Ausztrália10 contributions
An honest review SPL Helsinki to St Petersburg
2019. júl. • Romantikus
We travelled from Helsinki to St Petersburg in July for a 72 Hr Free visa stay. After reading a few negative and positive reviews we decided to take the plunge and do the trip and glad we did. I will divulge some tips and info below to help anyone whom is interested to read.

Helsinki: Check in with your booking number at the ticket desk, pretty easy. We got through metal detectors and customs within 15-20 mins approx and declined having photos when boarding the ferry (yes I said ferry this is not a cruise ship).

We chose the deluxe cabin (Commodore, Deluxe and Suit will get you priority boarding and disembarkation). We ended up at deck 5, the whole ship felt like something out of the 80s (a lot of gold railings, my wife described it as “being in Reno but at sea”).

Our cabin smelt like vomit when we opened the door and we spent some time airing the cabin out, spraying deodorant and after a hour we could handle the smell. Fruit basket, drinks in the fridge which was nice, TV with Russian channels. AC worked a bit too well, could not adjust so it was a bit cool. Bed was not too bad comfort wise.

Food was actually pretty good onboard and fairly priced considering we are on a ship. Breakfast was at the New York restaurant, not bad we were happy with it.

Disembarkation: We all met at level 6 reception at 08:50am and were off the ship by about 09:20, priority disembarkation which was great as the queues for everyone else spanned all the way up to level 6 from level 4.... everyone gets walked down a staircase by a staff member, if you have suitcases be prepared to carry them down flights of stairs (lvl 6-4).

Customs in St Petersburg was pretty quick (since we were first off the boat). I heard that worst case people have been stuck trying to get off the ferry and through customs up until 2pm.

Going back: Check in followed by customs then walked back on the ferry, pretty quick (boarded around 3:30pm). Had a few drinks which was nice sitting looking out then had some food, yet again quality was good.

Deluxe cabin on Deck 8, smaller than last time and thankfully didn’t smell like vomit so very happy. AC did not work so the room felt a bit like a oven, we just sweated it out and got up early for breakfast (6:10am). Bed felt like sleeping on wood and I must admit I had a bad nights sleep but otherwise it was ok.

Staff were friendly on the ferry, spoke English and overall pretty attentive.

We read a lot of negative reviews about the staff however didn’t experience anything bad onboard. I think some people probably forget they are on a ferry not a cruise ship.

I guess the only negative thing to report would be that the staff at Bake and Coffee didn’t give us change back when purchasing 2x coffees, had to prompt for the 5 Euro change.

Mobile reception will drop out about 1 hour once leaving ports.

Quick tips:

Book deluxe if possible (priority boarding/disembarkation).
Avoid the coffee at Bake and Coffee, probably the worst I have ever had for over 10 years.
Sleep on deck 5 if you want a quite nights rest.
Sleep on deck 8 if you don’t mind some noise.
Board between 3-4pm to get on quick.
Bring some bottled water for the trip.
Info desk on level 6 has info brochures for all the specific meal timings etc.

Written 2019. július 28.
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Tallinn, Észtország520 contributions
Pretty good ship, but very tight schedule and lacking information.
2019. júl. • Egyszemélyes
I wanted to see St Petersburg visa free and this seemed a pretty good deal. As regards value for money it really cannot be beaten to see three capitals and accommodation whilst sailing is great value. The ship itself is nice enough although fairly basic compared to the average cruise line, this is more an upmarket ferry service. I found all the staff really helpful and friendly.
There is a duty free shop, several places to eat, the entertainment is pretty basic,,,,Russian Karaoke and a disco playing music I had never heard. A few hardy souls took to the dance floor. The guests are pretty mixed all ages and nationalities, many Russians taking advantage of a chance to see Scandinavia.
St Peterline (Moby) falls down on two things. 1. Information I booked online and was sent my ticket but no details of which port the ship departed from in Stockholm or how to get there. I messages Moby via FB and did not receive a reply and had to resort to contacting Tourist Info in Stockholm who had difficulty finding the info but did manage to get it for me.
Secondly the schedule was just too tight. I understand Russia is restricted to 72 hours and that cannot be changed (although a 5 hour wait at immigration did not mean a good start to my Russian adventure). We could however have done with more than 5 hours in Helsinki and about 4 in Tallinn.
Oh and finally the disenbarkation was always shambolic. In Russia we were kept in a narrow hallway for over an hour, in Stockholm we didn't even know which hallway to use but somehow managed to be in exactly the right place and managed to exit with the express guests and were off in about 10 minutes.
Comfortable quiet cabins (small but what do you want to stay in your cabin for?). We didn't eat so cannot comment on the quality or value of the food/
Written 2019. július 21.
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Akaba, Jordánia113 contributions
Too many lines
2019. júl. • Romantikus
We took advantage of the opportunity to visit St Petersburg visa free from Helsinki with Moby SPL. The cabins are pretty basic on the ship. The shows we found quite good. The biggest issue is the long lines in SPB to get through passport control. If there is a way they could expedite this then it would be much better. We waited for HOURS to get off the ship and through customs in Russia. And it was bad when we had to check in again after our visit. The cost is very reasonable and we had a great time... despite the lines.
Written 2019. július 14.
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Sarah Haselwood
Orlando, FL127 contributions
Easiest way to experience St. Petersburg!
2018. aug. • Romantikus
You board in the afternoon in Helsinki and wake up the next morning in St. Petersburg. The cruise ship has everything that a regular cruise ship has minus a pool. The big difference is that this cruise ship was possibly built and decorated roughly 40 years ago. We stayed in a B2 class cabin which was a basic interior room with two twin beds and a bathroom. It was perfect for the two nights we traveled. You have the option to just spend the day in St. Petersburg or fully disembark from the cruise ship and stay up to 3 days in St. Petersburg. You do not need a visa if you visit St. Petersburg this way however the trade off is you must book a tour. They automatically add a City Bus Tour which is mandatory and is not real. The cruise ship does offer real tours and we booked the The Best of St. Petersburg which included a bus tour of the city and then a guided tour of the hermitage. I highly recommend this tour. It took the majority of the day and we were able to see a TON. The bus tour was incredibly informative and they stopped and allowed us to get out and take pictures at all of the major stops. I would not recommend for anyone to try and visit the Hermitage on their own. It is just too large, too crowded, and too confusing. The guide was able to take us straight to the highlights all while giving interesting facts and history. OMG don’t even get me started about the Hermitage Kitties! There is a whole clowder of cats that live in the basement who are all left over from when the Hermitage was the royal palace. The cats have their own personal chef and publicist!
Written 2019. június 27.
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Paul H
Peterborough, UK2 contributions
Well, we liked it.....St Petersburg is amazing & 72 hour visa free was the easiest way to see it.
2019. ápr. • Családi
Family of 4 with 2 teenagers.
Traveled to Tallinn, then Helsinki to pick up the St Peterline Ferry to St Petersburg on the 72 hour Visa free.

Direct on the Moby website, really easy. Note, if you dont book your accommodation through St Peterline booking system they may refuse boarding the ship for the 72 hour visa free option. They asked us about our accommodation at check-in, and when I asked they would have turned us away if I did not have a booking with them.

We Chose the Rachmaninov Boutique Hotel, but 2 days later Moby came back to say the room we wanted was not available, so offered 2 rooms in the same hotel. So its clear that the Moby accommodation is shown in their booking system but does not mean its available. And yes I'm afraid its does cost more than booking direct with the hotel and

The hotel was in a great location, close to everything, you can walk to the Winter Palace (Hermitage) in about 10- 15 minutes. Nice people, nice rooms and very arty decor.

Cabins- Lux 2 person
Go for Commodore or above, its worth the money as you will be first off the ship, or if you go cheap them you may be queuing for a number of hours. We were through passport control with 15 minutes. Our cabins were 2 Lux ones on Deck 8, they are roomy, the shower is great, 2 large portholes, dressing gowns and slippers and the bonus was a mini bar with complimentary beer, wine and soft drinks. Lets not forget the bowl of fruit. With the Lux we had breakfast in the New York restaurant, which was a really nice buffet. Down side to Deck 8 is that there is a bar close to the cabins and it got noisy, but at 12 it went quiet. I would probably book a similar Lux cabin but select another deck.

At Helsinki it was straight forward, you go to the departure lounge, show you passports and booking details. They in return give you your boarding pass, Arrival & Departure cards for Russian immigration, and your breakfast vouchers. Go onboard have a pic with the captain and then go and find your room. we arrived at 3pm so we could relax on board, have a drink etc.

We ate before boarding so just took a load of goodies to eat.

We had a couple of drinks, the girls had cocktails, about €5 a beer so not too bad, after we looked round the ship and then went back to our cabins for the night so cannot comment on entertainment, buy that night it was a Ballet.

We got up early, went to breakfast which was really nice, we packed and then thought about arrival in St Petersburgh(we heard all the horror stories)

If you go to reception on deck ship they will give you a full details on what is available and the all important dis-embarkation details. As we were in Lux we were told to meet in front of the reception desk, not on deck 4 with everyone else. There were about 80 people there waiting, the cruise director took us from deck 6 to deck 4, passed everyone that was waiting as soon as the ship was docked, there are 7 passport windows so we were officially in Russia within 15 minutes.
Order of Priority

1. Disabled and those with kids under 6
2. Commodore, Lux and Suite holders(They will check your boarding pass when getting off)
3. Those on a tour booked with Moby
Then everyone else....we know 2 ladies in this category that were in our hotel and they took 3 hours to get off the ship.

So Immigration were great, said hello and smiled, and welcomed us. St Peterline take care of the Arrival and departure card, and that's all you need. (they will keep the arrival card) but look after the Departure card as you may hot issues when you return.

We were on a private 2 day tour that I arranged direct with , Valeria was amazing so read my other review. we were picked up at the port and were away...

After our 3 days we came back to the port in a taxi, very cheap. Being Lux we had a separate check-in to others, and one done we were escorted to the customs & immigration skipping the large line of people. Its kinda weird to walk past a queue, but you get what you pay for.
Gave the passport & Departure card showed the boarding pass and we were through and back on the ship.
Went for dinner in the Italian restaurant, had Pizza and drinks, very nice and about €60 for 4 persons.
Same rooms, noisy again late evening, but soon quietened down. I spoke to staff and they closed the door that isolated the run of cabins, it was so much better.
Woke up, went for the same breakfast, all nice.

Arrived in Tallinn, same process to get off, but this time we met in the Sports Bar and were off really quickly again.

Top Tips
1. Book Commodore, Lux or Suite(great breakfast and you get off quick)
2. Perhaps choose a lower deck due to the bar
3. Book a private tour of St Petersburgh, I would not hesitate to do it again
Written 2019. április 26.
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

Mayet C
11 contributions
72h VisaFree Hki-SPeterb-Hki/ Experience very good! Excellent entertaiment onboard!
2019. ápr. • Baráti
ACCOMODATIONS: The Cabin-B 4th deck/ shared with a friend, is old but clean, comfortable, no engine noise and we slept well. No tv and non-functioning radio. We knew it anyway and we brought a hairdryer. Just happy with the price packages plus the entertainment in Columbus Resto compared to other Scandinavian Cruise Ships. MEALS: Pizza (price from 13-18.50 euros) eaten with a good quality sweet wine (5cl for 8.50 euros).2nd day, buffet breakfast and dinner - good enough! We had bought a fruit tart (350Rubles/slice), quite good! and a cappucino (200Rubles/cup) in the Hermitage Cafe. DUTY FREE SHOP: If you have a lot of Rubles left, try to section your purchases to use it first and separate the others to pay in Euros. The cashier will not do it for you! otherwise pay everything/all in Euros. Our Best of St. Petersburg tour was good and needs everyone attention to be quick during coffee break and toilet (altogether only 15 minutes). The time we left the port was late already around 10am and considering to be back by 3pm onboard. As for my experience, read a little bit of the Russian history ahead to follow with the flood of information from the tourist guide. A day or 6 hours in St.Petersburg is not enough but this the only way to see a glimpse of this wonderful city visa free! Expectations over bad reviews helped us to do the necessary adjustments.
Written 2019. április 15.
This review is the subjective opinion of a Tripadvisor member and not of Tripadvisor LLC.

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