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Palm Beach Palace Tozeur

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Swim up rooms
Vue de la salle à manger
La chambre pour trois
Cet hôtel sert il de l'alcool?
Bonjour Monsieur, L'hotel sert des boissons alcoolisées. Cordialement
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Hi We had a really good bar member called chauwkey ( I think spelling may be wrong) , he was brilliant and really appreciate the tips, and well deserved. Entertainment is ok in the evening quite low key to be fair but it's about right for the hotel. You don't want a party atmosphere for the clientel here. In daytime it's quiet, and again in a place like this loud music does not fit. Not much in the area , apart from the usual hotel excersuions. I like the market but only in souke, great choice, and a nice time. Djerba is quiet compared to other Tunisian destinations, but again this suited us. There is a local bar, 3 mins walk which is French style, but had a great time drinking til the early hours. And there is now a club on the back of the resort which has just opened so this will be good if you like a more lively feel to your holiday
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Any new reviews since it opened in May this year?
We have been here for nearly one week now, and we absolutely absolutely love it ! Okay there are some teething problems but isn't that the same case everywhere we go . If it's an older hotel people moan and say it's "dirty" or "it's tired and needs a refurb)! Here the hotel is immaculate , so is the private beach . We are staying in one of the BEACH FACING swim up rooms, there are more swim up rooms towards front of hotel and some people complain about it being away out ther road, but I think they have positioned the swim up rooms to capture the sun at certain times . We open our patio doors first thing when we wake up, and faced with a gorgeous view . We use the swim up pool in the mornings when the sun is blazing straight in our direction. Loads of people complain (even before they arrive) !! That the swim up pool should be sectioned , but we don't agree as I spend hours in the morning floating on my lilo from one end to another which you couldn't do if it was sectioned. Our room is immaculate (will add photo of our room) we have only had one problem and that was a flood in the bathroom , and even tho it was vey late at night , 2 of management team along with Abbie the rep were down, cd not be more apologetic, .offered us a room change whilst repairing, however we wanted to stay so we went for a drink and Then one of the management came and told us it was fixed (which it was perfectly ). We got a knock on the door one hour later with a bottle of champagne on ice, !! I know u can get glasses of it at the bars but it was the kind gesture . My husband went personally to thank them for their prompt and excellent way of handling it all, and you would think we had gave them a million pounds !! They must be inundated with so many complaints that they were shocked getting a compliment. Abbie the rep is fabulous. A wee tip, is to NOT book your trips on Internet before coming, as we went directly to some of the trips and beach activities and one of the couple we have met booked before , and when trying to get on coach the day of her boat trip the driver wasn't going to accept it, and then took about half an hour phone God knows who to check it was genuine!! Security is second to none, both at entrance and beach. We arrived late and went down to the beach even tho it was dark. Straightaway a security man politely approached us and asked if we were guests at pal beach palace. Staff are great, as I said Abbie the rep goes out her way to help, it's such a shame that she gets moan after moan 24/7. Theres one particular waiter we encountered at breakfast who is very abrupt, he is an older man and even though he does his job well, he is very grumpy. Went In any way complain about hi, because it doesn't bother us, the rest of the waiters are fabulous
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70 USD - 107 USD (egy standard szoba átlagára alapján)
palm beach palace tozeur hotel tozeuraccor palm beach tozeursofitel tozeurtozeur sofitel
TunéziaTozeur GovernorateTozeur
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