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London Heathrow Airport Rooms L.L by C&P

215 Long Lane, Stanwell, Staines TW19 7FN Anglia
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Vendégek1 szoba, 2 felnőtt, 0 gyermek
70 USD
58 USD
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70 USD
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Hotwire.com60 USD
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We booked this room for £42.70 through Agoda as it sounded good and convenient for Heathrow. After going up and down the road and taking a few wrong turns we finally arrived at the property after 10pm. There was no allocated parking as they had been taken up already and so had to park opposite the property where there were a row of cars. However, I had to move the car much further down the road early morning as all the other cars had been moved when I checked at 5am, so most likely I would have been booked if I had left it there. The property itself looked very promising initially and was impressed by the keycode lock outside and the self checkin ID webcam set up inside. The kitchen downstairs looked very clean and spacious. We had room number 2 as well and on entry, although it and the toilet were spotlessly clean, we came to realise there was nothing inside the small room except a bed, table and chair. Taking into account this had been one of the hottest days of the year with London temperatures in excess of 35 degrees, the room was hot and stuffy despite the large window fully open and there was not a fan in sight! I also desperately needed a shower as was sweaty from the day and when I got inside the shower and turned it on, I nearly got scalded and had to quickly get out as the temperature knob was broken and couldn't be adjusted. I looked on the welcome emails for the telephone number to ring but they were blotted out with x's as was the email address. I replied to C&P's welcome email through agoda and complained about the situation and asked for a refund so I could book another hotel but this is the reply I got: "Thank you for your message and for bringing this to our attention. We have arranged for someone to come first thing in the morning to check the shower, it’s very strange as the shower was in perfect working order this morning during our checks.  Please accept our sincerely apologies for any disappointment this may cause." This was an unacceptable response as I paid £42.70 for an ensuite room with a broken shower and no fan available. All I wanted was a refund or confirmation that I would get one so we could check out and book a room at a hotel with a working shower and maybe a fan or a/c. We had taken this room when there were better hotels for £41 a night at Heathrow. I would avoid this property and stick to a proper hotel with a reception and staff to deal with problems directly.
London Heathrow is vibrant, loud, and busy. It is very hectic and there are no comfortable seats. Flight gate information is published shortly before boarding. It is not a place to relax between flights.
I booked this as my return flight from Australia came in late and I just needed somewhere to sleep for a few hours before heading back home. I was unable to book the Ibis as it was full and this seemed to fit the bill. I had arranged through bookings.com and C&P for an airport shuttle at a return cost of £27. Sadly the driver couldn't find the Rooms and spent the best part of an hour getting in and out of car trying to find it. When we did it was past the 10.00 pm arrival time you have entry via a keycode as there is no one on site. The room was well decorated but the furnishings sparse - I was in Room 2 and there was just a bed, table and one chair. There was no hairdryer or mirror. The shower temperature was scalding a few minutes after getting in the shower and I could not get the shower to a manageable temperature and had to abandon my hair washing and finish off rinsing my hair in the sink. The tax failed to turn up the next morning. The number went to messaging. However after 5.30 when I complained on the message a taxi driver turned up at 5.40. My advice is to pay for a more expensive hotel as there is nothing down this road at 5.00 a.m on a freezing morning. Despite four bookings for hotels bookings.com declined to accept my complaint by saying I should have complained at the time - interesting when all their contact numbers went to a messaging service. Arriving after 11.25 p.m without staff is a nightmare. Bookings.com lost out on any future business. If you should use this hotel, it is on the left hand side just past the barrier. It is a small house with four bedrooms ensuite.
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Egyesült KirályságAngliaStainesStanwell
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